Revealed: The Secrets of Straight-A Students who Don’t Study Hard.

If you keep getting bad grades, it’s not your fault… you’ve been lied to.

I remember the day I received my first F in school… and how terrible I felt.


It was geography. I hated it. It was so boring, and I just hated studying it.

In general, I was never a big fan of sitting my ass down for hours and go through textbooks, reading the same boring pages again and again and again…

I always struggled with this in any school or university I was. Studying

They actually expected me to spend hours upon hours on learning stuff by heart that I could simply look up on the internet.

It just didn’t make sense to me.

You see, I’m a lazy person at heart. Yes, I can be passionate and hard-working when it’s something I truly care about, but exams are not one of those things.

Honestly, I had better things to do with my time. Reading books, playing video games, hanging out with my friends…

So I always tried to find the “easy way”.

Not cheating, though… I still had my principles.


So now, years later, I found the secrets that I had already unknowingly used in the past.

Most of your grades don’t come from time spent studying.

Bold claim, I know.

But think about it: Have you ever been anxious while taking an exam?

Felt like you’ve studied so hard, only to forget most of it while taking the exam?

Felt like you almost know the answer… it’s on the tip of your tongue… but it’s juuust out of reach?

Or do you know the feeling when you remember “oh we did this in class last week” but that’s it? You don’t remember enough to actually answer the question?

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.

But it always confused me why some people struggle SO MUCH with exams, while others had no problems at all.

As my research eventually showed, I was right: It has NOTHING to do with how much you study.

You see, our bodies weren’t designed for school or university.

We are perfectly capable of learning an incredible amount – just think about how quickly babies learn to speak while also learning walking, climbing, human interactions, and tons of other skills.


This only happens when you’re in the right state of mind.

Have you ever wondered why you have these exam black-outs for example?

The explanation is simple:

Think of your brain like a team of people. There’s the scholar, who’s responsible for studying and recalling all this information and knowledge.

But then there’s also the guard who makes sure we don’t die. And that guard is in command, because not dying is more important than studying. (makes sense, right?)

Your reptilian brain is that guard – it’s one of the most primal and most basic parts of your brain. It’s responsible for keeping you alive. Most commonly known is the “fight or flight” response, which you probably heard of.

However, once “fight or flight” kicks in, your memory systems are shut down.

So when you receive that empty exam sheet and suddenly get anxious and worried… your “guard” shuts down your memory so you can focus on fighting for your life or running away.

Told you, we weren’t built for university and exams…

But there are easy ways to avoid this and stay completely focused, able to fully access every corner of your memory, and remember everything you’ve studied.

Because believe it or not, when you get into the right mental state, your subconscious provides you with everything you need to ace that exam.

Don’t you sometimes have dreams of memories long forgotten? Where you are in a place or talk to people you haven’t seen in years?

There are theories that somewhere in the brain, everything that ever happened to us is stored. Imagine learning to access that.

The more I’ve been reading about these things – neural physiology, cognitive psychology, brain science, even behavioral psychology and trauma – the more I see how wrong so much of the common “how to study” advice is.

I’m sure you’ve had workshops or classes like this in school, too. I always hated them. It felt so theoretical, so basic, so useless.

And then, of course, there are all these “hacks” on the internet, trending on social media, acting as if they could fix all your problems by studying using a certain time schedule.

But the real solution is much different, much less “sexy”.

And yet, I can guarantee you, your brain will be blown. Some of the insights I have gained are so simple, yet so effective.

I just couldn’t take it anymore.

A good friend of mine is studying law… you know, with a lot of studying. She has to read and remember more books per year than I’ve ever had to read in total.

But that’s not what was holding her back.

She worked hard.

She studied for hours every day.

She had systems in place.

She had friends to study with and support each other.

And yet, she didn’t manage to pass an important exam for over two years now.

And it pained me to watch it.

So much so, that eventually, I decided to just sit down and write up a little summary of the things I’ve learned.

All the complicated brain science, turned into a simple system.

But I couldn’t stop writing.

There was so much more I needed to say. So much more I needed to explain to her. I needed her to understand, so she could finally go rock that exam!

About two weeks later, I ended up with almost one hundred pages.

After sharing it with her, I decided I needed to share it with others, too.

So after some (much hated) editing, polishing, and more editing, after expanding and refining every single chapter, I can present to you:

The Study Breakthrough.

It’s all about understanding how your brain works so you can study effectively and remember as much as possible with as little work as possible.

But it’s not some big, complicated, bloated textbook.

It’s a quick read, fun and casual, like a conversation with a friend. (Remember, I originally wrote it for my friend)

In each chapter, you will learn a little bit of theory, but the main focus is on how YOU can apply it immediately and improve your grades. 

I guarantee you, this will work for you. Whatever you think of yourself – no matter how “bad” you are at studying, or how much you panic during exams…

This will work for you. Period. Pinky promise.

(and if, for whatever reason, it does not – you are covered by my 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.)

Ready to finally get good grades?

Look, let me be honest for a moment.

I don’t actually care about grades.

All I want is to have fun. Go out with friends, spend chill evenings at home, be with my girlfriend, and don’t worry about school or university.

I’m sure you can relate to that.

And while you will get better grades after reading and applying this book, I believe the more important result is simply a much better life.

Not just now, you know, not just the parties and fun, but also the long-term consequences.

Better grades can lead to scholarships, to getting accepted into better universities, to getting that dream job,…

In short, having good grades is the foundation for success in later life, and one of the best investments you can make in yourself.

(Except you become a drop-out and start the next Facebook or Microsoft. Then I guess you don’t need grades.)

And I’m not just saying this to sell you the book. I’m saying it because it’s true.

Two friends of mine wanted to study medicine.

One had to re-take the (incredibly competitive) entry exam three times before she got in… and that exam is only offered once a year. She spent two years not able to move forward with her life because of it.

The other friend had to move to another country where he could get into medical school, leaving all his friends and family behind.

And that’s the “good” stories – if you struggle with exams, you might never get into the college or university of your dreams.

You may never graduate from there if you’re already in it.

And in a competitive field, you may never get a great job if your grades are only average or worse.


So you have two options:

A: Spend years, like me, studying and researching cognitive science and many related fields to figure this all out for yourself.

B: Take about two hours this week and learn all you need to know, and then directly apply it to your daily life. Your next exam will already be much easier.

Or, C, I guess, put your head in the sand and act as if everything was fine and go on with your life.

Here’s what going to happen when you buy The Study Breakthough:

  1. Immediate Access
    • You immediately get access to it as an eBook
  2. Big Insights
    • Within the first chapter, you finally uncover the reasons why you really struggle – it’s not anxiety or stress!
  3. Implementing
    • As you continue reading, exercises and practical examples make it easy to implement your insights into your daily life immediately
  4. Rewiring your mind
    • In chapter 4, you’re already rewiring your brain to succeed on exams and to put your subconscious into high-performance mode
  5. Getting rid of anxiety
    • By the time you reach chapter 7, you will be able to take exams with much less nervousness or anxiety – you’ll finally be able to breathe again!
  6. Better grades with less work
    • A month after you finished the book, you can feel the massive difference it made. Your grades are better, exams feel much easier, and your friends are asking how you’re suddenly doing so well.

Invest in yourself and finally get the grades you want.

Usually, when students want better grades, they (or their parents) invest into a tutor or study mentor – which tend to cost at least $50/hour if you want to get a good one. (and why waste money on a bad tutor…)

With The Study Breakthrough, you’ll never need a tutor again.

Instead, all it takes is a one-time investment of $15 – less than going out once.

Now this is the moment of truth. Do you care enough about your grades to make a (no risk) investment in yourself, or will you keep going, make the same mistakes again and again, hoping for different results?

When you’re ready, click the button below, fill out your details, and buy your copy of The Study Breakthrough.

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